Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), special procedures are in place to protect you and the school/planetarium staff. Please read the procedures carefully on the Telescope Loan page.

To request a reservation for borrowing a telescope from the MMSD Planetarium, review the details about the program and telescopes on the Telescope Loan page, use the Telescope Loan Calendar to find dates we have a telescope available, and fill out the Reservation Request Form below.

First and Last Name
Phone number (include area code)
List the days and times you are available to pick-up the telescope. (Requires 15-30 minutes for training)
List the days and times you are available to drop off the telescope. (You can keep the telescope for up to 2 weeks.)
Include any other information to consider regarding this reservation request. If you are requesting a telescope other than one of the main telescopes we offer (6" Dobsonians), note that request here.
Do you agree to pay to fix or replace the telescope or parts for any damage caused to the telescope while you have it?
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