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See also: Teachers & Group Leaders section of our web site which includes Program Descriptions, Teacher's Guides, a link to the Planetarium Checklist and more.

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Fast Facts:

  • The planetarium is available during normal school hours and follows the Madison Metropolitan School District calendar (closed during the summer).
  • After school and evening programs can sometimes be arranged. We are closed during school vacations, including summer.
  • Programs are usually 1 hour in length.
  • Planetarium capacity is 67. (Please don't bring more than 67 people, including teachers and adults, to a program.)

Easiest, fastest way to make reservations!

Our schedule is now posted online to assist you in finding openings in our schedule that match with openings in your schedule. The online schedule can also be used to confirm your reservation at any time! We hope you find this helpful. Please follow the instructions below:

Reservation Instructions:

  1. Browse through the program descriptions and choose a program that fits the needs of your group.
  2. Look for an opening in our schedule that will work for your group. Events you see on the schedule are reservations that have already been made for other groups: all non-designated times are open. Note that a 15 minute set-up time is required between programs, and a lunch break must be planned for the planetarium instructor. We highly recommend that you view the calendar using the Week view.
  3. Fill out the Reservation Request Form. NOTE: The planetarium is closed through April 10th or later.
  4. Your requested reservation will show up on our calendar as a pending request, and you will receive an email stating that we've received your request.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email from us when the reservation has been approved.
  6. When your reservation is complete, check the calendar again to confirm (see Confirmations below). New reservations should be posted on the web within 3-5 days.

Fees for Programs ($$$ fee structure $$$)

  • MMSD and other Madison K-12 groups during the school day: $0.50/student (minimum of 25 people; teachers and adults are free)
  • Other groups: $2.50/person ($50 minimum; teachers are free but please pay for chaperones)

Please present a check payable to Madison Metropolitan School District when you arrive for your program. (No cash please.) MMSD groups can email their account number and payment amount to the planetarium director for transfer. All groups now have the option to pay by credit card here on our web site.


When we approve your requested reservation, we reply via email with a confirmation letter. Also, our schedule is now posted online. You can check our records for yourself. Simply go to our schedule, find the date of your reservation, and you should see the details of your reservation.

If have any questions about the schedule, you can email the planetarium director: Geoff Holt 


All groups must arrange and pay for their own transportation to the planetarium. Note that the planetarium is now part of Nature Net, and you may qualify for up to $80 reimbursement for your bus costs through the Nature Express program.

Loading and Unloading

The best place to load and unload buses is by the planetarium sign on the Gammon Road side of the building. You can then enter the nearest doors, and the planetarium will be about 50 feet (15 m) inside the doors. See the Location page for more information.


If you are traveling to the planetarium by car or van during the school day, you will need to get a visitor parking permit. Visitor parking spaces are available on the Mineral Point Road side (south side) of the building. See the Location page for a simple map, or the labeled aerial photo  to see exactly where the visitor parking is located. Parking permits can be obtained in the Welcome Center of the high school, which is also on that side of the building under the word "School" in the big "Madison Memorial High School" sign. If you know the number of vehicles in advance, you may contact the planetarium office to request that the permits be e-mailed to you.


We're sorry, but we do not have a facility in this building where your group can eat lunch. However, if you need a place to eat lunch in conjunction with your visit to the planetarium, you may consider renting a room at the Lussier Community Education Center. [Phone:(608) 833-4979] It's located nearby, just two buildings north of Memorial HS, on the same campus as the planetarium (Memorial High School and Jefferson Middle School campus). Some groups also choose to utilize the Food Court at West Towne Mall