Nature Net LogoNature Net is an environmental learning network of nature centers, museums, parks, gardens, and more. Nature Net's mission is to increase access to free and low-cost environmental education resources and to promote collaboration and educational excellence in nature education throughout the region and beyond. 

Bus Funding:  Nature Express

One of the ways that Nature Net increases access to environmental education sites and resources is through its Nature Express transportation reimbursement program. If you schedule two thematically-related field trips to any Nature Net member sites within the school year, they will reimburse up to $80 per bus for one of the trips. This could include two visits to the planetarium if they are thematically-related. Or, you can recruit a fellow teacher to join your class for their first Nature Net field trip to share with them how nature-based activities can be incorporated into their classroom.

For more information, and to apply for this program, visit the Nature Express website.